We've found the right combination to unlock the glowing beauty of the aged hardwood to create our furniture or to make it to your specific requirements.

The Railwoods collection is handcrafted from untreated hardwood ties laid in Africa around 1900, cut from forest giants growing before the Mayflower reached America.

Naturally weathered, each piece individually tells a romantic story of steam trains puffing through the wilderness.

A story of lonely tracks stretching across limitless plains and forests, of countless antelope, of tall giraffe, of great grey elephants and the lion's roar - of Africa.

The heart of the woods such as Rhodesian Teak, Lebombo Iron wood, African Teak and Panga Panga, warm and rich in sleeping beauty, alive with character to embellish your life and home, an investment in your own good taste.

For 25 years Railwoods have crafted quality furniture which has been shipped all over the world. And our product is recycled!
We create tomorrow's antiques today. We're proud of our collection - you will be too.

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